Florida couple busted in Hawaii with fake vaccine cards

Enzo and Daniela Dalmazzo were arrested last week in Honolulu for having fake vaccine cards. That's not too surprising, given the fact that they're from Florida. The odd thing about this story is that Daniela was also in possession of fake vaccine cards for her two children, who are only 4 and 5, making them too young to be vaccinated. I'm only speculating, but the cards for their kids could have been what tipped off the authorities that something was amiss.

Enzo was fined $2,000 for his phony card, and Daniela was fined $6,000 because she was the one who submitted her kids' cards to the authorities. That doesn't seem fair. Why is Enzo getting off so easily while Daniela has to pay extra? It reminds me of the way Felicity Huffman went to prison for bribing her kid's way into college while her husband, William H. Macy, who participated in phone calls with the scandalous firm, didn't.