Jem and the Holograms PSAs were less creepy than GI Joe

Adults, especially young adults, were never hovering over my every move as a child, regardless of how much their advice would have really made an immense difference.

Random members of an elite US anti-capitalist special forces team also rarely popped up from their hidey-hokles, like scuba diving in the local swimming hole on a rebreather set up so we don't know he is there creeping on the kids, to offer common-sense wisdom.

GI Joe's use of accents to portray characters other-ness while also being included in team Joe is likely now recognized as 'problematic.' I also feel the character here may have cut the young woman off early, and perhaps she was not devaluing the contribution of her blind compatriot at all, just suggesting they get to work quickly!

Don't judge people too quickly, bro.