Laura Ingraham is full of hate because her father was a Nazi sympathizer, says brother

Fox mouthpiece Laura Ingraham is known for her cruelty and racist denial of US systemic racism. Like Trump, who mocked reporter Serge F. Kovaleski for a disability that affects his joints, Ingraham mocked President Biden for his stammer. Like Trump, notorious for his thinly veiled (as in see-through) racism and chumminess with white supremacy, Ingraham also has a history of defending white supremacy. And like past suggestions that Trump's father, Fred Trump, was a Nazi sympathizer, it seems, at least according to brother Curtis Ingraham, that Laura also grew up with an abusive, pro Nazi father.

Speaking on the MeidasTouch podcast, Curtis Ingraham spoke about the roots of sister Laura's hatred.

"My father was a Nazi sympathizer. There was a copy of Mein Kampf on the living room bookshelf. He was abusive, he was an alcoholic. So we are in a family of anger. Anger, abuse, and I think that is what has happened to my sister," he said.

"People say, 'well how did you turn out so different?' So in my life, I found love. And my sister has not found love. And so she's gone on this path where she's being honored and rewarded for the types of things that we learned in our childhood. She's getting credit for that anger and that destruction. … It's very Trumpian. She and Trump have a mindset that I think is very similar."