Nestflix – movies and TV shows that exist solely inside real movies and TV shows

"Welcome to Nestflix. The platform for your favorite nested films and shows. Fictional movies within movies? Got 'em. Fake shows within shows? You bet. Browse our selection of over 400 stories within stories."

Nestflix is a genius website made by Lynn Fisher. It's visually similar to the layout of the popular movie streaming site Netflix, but upon a closer look, you'll find that all of the films and shows are ones that exist solely inside of the worlds of real films and television shows.

For example, there's a film on Nestflix called Requiem for Tuesday, which was invented specifically for a scene in Parks and Recreation, where the characters are watching a movie. You can't actually watch the titles presented here, but you can see which film/show they came from, and view a selection of stills from the nested film.