Take a tour of Boston's legendary Skinny House, now for sale

As the story goes, back in the late 1800s, two brothers inherited a nice piece of Boston land from their father. But one brother took advantage while the other was serving as a soldier in the military, using almost all of their inheritance to build a nice house for himself on their property. So, out of spite, the soldier ruined his brother's views on one side of the house by building what is now known as Boston's "Skinny House," aka "Spite House."

And it could now be yours for $1.2 million. Located in Boston's North End, the widest part of the house is just 10 feet wide, while its narrowest section is a mere 6.2 feet across. But even weirder is the fact that it doesn't have a front door – the entrance is hidden on the side of the house. It is four stories high, however, with 1,165 square feet of living space.

Here are two tours, the first from this week and the other from 2018:

Via APNews and Wikipedia