This 3D-printed Moon lamp glows in 16 colors — and you control it all

We've all seen the Moon in full glow, casting its almost blindly white light across the night sky. We've also seen Earth's most faithful companion when it's lower in the sky, when the harvest Moon seems to pulse with its yellow-tinted luminance. We've even heard people say the Moon is made of green cheese.

But what if you could actually make the Moonglow like a floating emerald up there in the heavens? Or turn it a raging red? Or maybe a calming turquoise? You can do all that while holding the Moon literally in the palm of your hand with this Original 16 Color Moon Lamp.

Child-safe and made from 100 percent eco-friendly PLA, this 3D-printed recreation of our planet's satellite is meticulously crafted using NASA images. Look closely and you can see this orb captures every crag and crater of the actual Moon surface, only in a sphere the size of a softball.

While holding the moon in your hand is cool enough on its own, the low heat LED light inside the sphere fires up to offer two distinct white and yellow glows. Poised on your countertop, desk, or mantlepiece, it looks just like the real thing, only a little bit smaller. But who says we need to be faithful to reality? With a flick, the remote control can shift to any of 16 built-in colors, allowing you to turn the Moon blue, green, red, purple, and more.

The orb itself is completely wireless, rechargeable with the accompanying USB charging cable. That'll get you up to 8 hours of working lighting time, depending on how high or low you set your glow. It even comes with its own attractive wooden base so you can keep it positioned just where you want it at all times.

The Original 16 Color Moon Lamp regularly costs $55, but with the current deal, it's available now for $7 off, giving you the Moon for just $48.