Which country's drivers make way for ambulances?

Jump 20 seconds into this video compilation of ambulance dashcams to avoid the obnoxious intro.

All told, things shake out as you might expect. French drivers are indifferent and move only when the alternative is being rammed off the road. In Saudi Arabia it's like the ambulance isn't even there. Brazil is so choked and chaotic it doesn't matter what anyone does.

On the other hand, German cars vanish into side lanes so efficiently they may as well be self-driving, and Japanese drivers plant their cars an inch from the side of the road instanteously upon hearing the siren (but the roads are so thin the ambulance has to crawl carefully by anyway).

I was eager to see British drivers trying to be helpful in the most shambolically unhelpful way, but they are spared judgment in this video. It doesn't surprise me to learn, though, that UK drivers get fined for stopping or making illegal lane changes or turns when they try to get out of ambulances' way.