Would you be willing to neuro-hack your way to enlightenment?

This video, Meditation without meditating' might be possible. Can it also be made ethical?, poses some big questions about a new technology that could induce a meditative state in the brain and potentially lead to enlightenment.

Is it ethical to take a medical shortcut that alters one's consciousness into the same state of mind that meditation induces?

Watch people test out the early stages of this technology as they feel the peaceful effects it has on their minds.

I am fascinated by their positive reactions in the video, but also wonder about all the unknown aspects of the technology.

From the video: "In the early stages of developing a technology that they believe could lead to meditative states without the need to meditate – a Silicon Valley-ready concept if there ever was one – the duo now must navigate the intricate ethics of introducing such a powerful product to the world."