Fortnite rips off Among Us with 'Imposters'

Evidently, the folks at Epic, who famously created a video gaming sensation when they slapped Battle Royale into their Fortnite platform, have decided to try the same thing with the slightly newer but also super popular game 'Among Us'.

The Verge:

Gary Porter, a developer for Among Us, also pointed out the similarities between the map that Fortnite uses and Among Us. "It's okay though they flipped electrical and medbay and connected security to the cafeteria," joked Porter on Twitter. "I wasn't even around for the development of Skeld [the first Among Us map] and I'm still kind of offended."

Calum Underwood, another developer on Among Us, tweeted and deleted what he referred to as "spicy tweets," before then inviting other game makers to collaborate with Among Us instead. Kotaku also spotted that Adriel Wallick, a programmer at Innersloth, also shared a comic about the theft of art online.