New smartphone has more RAM than a Macbook

You can't even buy an Apple-silicon Macbook with more than 16GB of RAM, but Asus's new Republic of Gamers 5S Pro—a smartphone—has 18 of them.

The phones are very similar and definitely feel like "S" models. The main upgrade to both the Phone 5s and 5s Pro is the slightly faster Snapdragon 888+ 5G chip (the Adreno 660 GPU is the same as on the 888 chip) and the world's first 360Hz touch sampling rate in any phone. The ROG Phone 5s has a max 16GB of RAM, matching the highest specced ROG Phone 5, but the 5s PRO takes things further with 18GB of RAM that might be the most RAM currently found on any smartphone. It's so much RAM, actually, that when I tried to compare it with other phones on GSMArena, the RAM slider topped out at 16GB.

I'm not an Android user, so I have to ask: what can you even do on an Android phone that benefits from 18GB of RAM? I know you can root many models and run anything you like, e.g. hook it up to a monitor and use it as a desktop PC, but that's surely not the intended use case. As Input's Alejandro Medellin puts it, they're "expensive what-ifs that could be so much better if they had the games to go along with."