"Odd-looking" mystery car with a red "S" eludes police in a 135mph chase

Ohio police chased an "odd-looking" car going up to 135 mph, according to Cleveland.com

On July 15, police observed a black sedan with all of its windows tinted and without make or model info and no license plates traveling on E. Pleasant Valley Road… The officer said the vehicle had a red "S" and the bearded driver was wearing a hat. 

The police were unable to stop the driver and he remains at large.

I asked the GPT-3 AI to provide possible explanations for this mystery. Here's what it said:

  • The driver was going to Cleveland Comic Con in costume.
  • The driver was a new driver who had never driven before and did not realize he needed to put his license plate on the front of his car.
  • The driver was a criminal who did not want to be identified and was testing out his new "getaway car" to see if it could travel at high speeds without being caught by the police.
  • The driver was a fan of "The Big Lebowski" and had the car painted as a gift to himself.
  • The driver was a member of a 1% motorcycle gang who wanted to make a statement.
  • The driver was a member of a local band, who had the car painted in order to gain more publicity.
  • The driver was a Satanic cult member who wanted to see if the tinting would hide the occupants from view but also wanted to see if the car would move faster than a police car if it was chased.
  • The driver was a fan of Ray Charles' song "Hit the Road, Jack", and wanted to make sure the police knew he was going to leave and was not going to stick around.
  • The driver was a fan of the TV show "Breaking Bad" and had the tinting done to see if he could drive while being completely invisible to the police.
  • The driver was a member of the CIA, who was using the car to test its stealth capabilities.

[image: openclipart]