Larry David unloaded on Alan Dershowitz at a grocery store

Sure, it's gossip… but it's Larry David telling off Alan Dershowitz in a Martha's Vineyard grocery store! I only wish it was captured on video so someone could add the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme. Apparently they bumped into each other on the front porch of the market. Dershowitz reportedly said hello, prompting David to start walking away. Here's the reported exchange, from Page Six:

Dershowitz: "We can still talk, Larry."

David: "No. No. We really can't. I saw you. I saw you with your arm around [former Trump Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo! It's disgusting!" 

Dersh: "He's my former student [at Harvard Law]. I greet all of my former students that way. I can't greet my former students?"

David: "It's disgusting. Your whole enclave — it's disgusting. You're disgusting!"

Added the stunned source, "Larry walks away. Alan takes off his T-shirt to reveal another T-shirt [underneath it] that says, 'It's The Constitution Stupid!'."

We're told Dersh "drove off in an old, dirty Volvo."…

Reached for comment, Dershowitz confirmed the exchange and told us that he and the "Curb" creator had been friends for many years until the lawyer began working with the Trump camp.

Larry David image (cropped/flipped): Angela George (CC BY-SA 3.0); Dershowitz image: video grab/MSNBC (CC BY 3.0)