The mind warping art of Benjamin Sack

Benjamin Sack is a creator of worlds: with a simple pen as his magic wand, he creates drawings of exquisite complexity and dizzying intricacy, whose ultimate effect is quite explosive.

Starting with a basic composition of general shapes laid down in pencil, he then commences—intuitively and free handedly—the painstaking and relentless process that transmutes ink into transcendent and dazzling beauty.

Embedded in his miniature worlds are references to historical cartography, architectural drawings, homages to works of art, various civilizations and cultures, and surely many other things waiting to be discovered, hidden in plain sight.

Sack's exploration of form is his vehicle for expressing uncommon perspectives and vantages of tremendous detail, cultivating a geometric idealism reaching continually into the realm of the infinite.

Here's a fascinating time lapse video of one of his works emerging and taking shape.

More on his website and on his Instagram account (to get a closer look at the unbelievable details of his works).

Images courtesy of Benjamin Sack.