3D pool perfectly implemented in 128×128 pixels

Mot's 8-Ball Pool is a perfectly minimalist Pico-8 port of early 1990 cuesports games such as 3D pool and Archer MacLean's. I played those games endlessly, so this is like returning home to find the resolution lower than ever but the 3D performance much, much faster.

Tom Mulgrew simplified the rules a little to make it work within Pico-8's limits:

  • The game ends when the black ball is sunk.
  • If you sink it (legally) after sinking all your colored balls, you win. Otherwise you forfeit and your opponent wins.
  • The first ball sunk becomes that player's color.
  • A legal shot involves hitting a ball of your color first, and not sinking the wrong color, white ball or black ball (except when you're supposed to).
  • A free ball is awarded to the other player after a "foul". A free ball means you get a free second shot even if you don't sink a ball – as long as your shot was legal.