Be your own nature photographer and take pics in real time with over $100 off this drone

Looking for something to do while we wait for everyone to get vaccinated? Well, looks like it may be a while, but you can still check out all the world has to offer outside of a crowded airplane full of seedy people with this the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone.

Ready to get your pilot on? Here's what you get with the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone. Not just a plain old drone, this bad boy is a quadcopter that takes off and comes back to you with one click and is completely and utterly badass. With 4K HD camera functions, you can easily watch what the sky is up to in real-time on your remote. We're talking birds, trees, your neighbor's corgi — anything you can think of that you may need an elevated view will come through crystal clear.

In case you need a second look, this copter also comes with a second fitted camera that shoots at 720p, so you'll always have that clear shot. Speaking of amazing views, the Blade X also offers a 360° flight angle, so you'll never miss anything you've been waiting so patiently to capture. The electronic stabilization system can accurately lock altitude and flight position, so your drone doesn't get wobbly and fizz out mid-zoom. 

Not into remote controls? No sweat, you're able to control it with smart flight controls and hand gestures that will get it moving and grooving in no time. While we're on the topic of being on the move, the Ninja is completely portable and foldable, so you can just pack up and ship out if you're looking for a different perspective.

Get the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone, which includes four backup blades, four protective blade frames, a screwdriver, remote control, USB charging cable, rechargeable battery, drone instructions, and clutch bag for $89. That's $110 off!