Prep meals like a pro with this chef knife and sharpener set

Looking to create something spectacular in the kitchen? We hear you, and you should have all the best tools to make sure your guests are fed and happy, even if that just means you and the dog (Spot has to eat well too. He's been through a lot lately and could use a good meal.) Get your culinary genius on with the help of this Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with 6" Chef Knife.

Okay iron chefs, here's what you get with the Angle Pro set. For your convenience, the sharpener has a distinct measurement system that helps you find the perfect sharpening angle for your included chef's knife (or any knife, for that matter). Just use the stainless steel angle gauge to measure the angle your knife sits and you instantly have the perfect sharpener right at your fingertips (but also, please watch your fingertips. We can't handle that type of anxiety.) Whether you're looking at a 14, 18, or 21-degree blade (or anywhere in between), you're covered for all of the slicing, dicing, and chopping necessary to make whatever dish you're famous for.

The deal also comes with three ceramic wheels for straightening your blades, three diamond wheels for sharpening your blade, and three tungsten carbide rods for honing your blade's new edge. You'll also get a 6" chef knife to add to your artillery, even if your artillery is a party of one. You might not cook that much, but if you want to pass off that store-bought pizza as your own, this knife will help you add the toppings.

Still need some convincing? No sweat: Just ask the 269 Kickstarter backers who pledged $33,010 to give this kit its start. 

Find out what Florida Today, The Gadget Flow, and Space Coast Daily are raving about. Get the Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with 6" Chef Knife for $67.99 (Reg. $79).