Congratulations to the winners of the Potato Photographer of The Year award

The Trussel Trust is a UK-based non-profit that supports food banks in community building. They, apparently, also hold a Potato Photographer Of The Year contest, and just announced the winners.

Spud you like it! It's back… the World's one and only Potato Photographer of the Year. Once again it's time to flex your creative muscles and see how you can artistically capture the beauty of a potato. Whether you're drawn to the simplicity of a King Edward, the gentle curves of a Yukon Gold or the marvels of the Maris Piper show us what you're made of.

All proceeds go to the Trussell Trust, to provide food for people in need at this time of crisis.

This year's overall winner was "Fish & Ships" by William Ropp:

Clair Robins' "My Potato Necklace" was recognized for the way it portrayed "the possibilities of the potato, reimagined."

Erin Marie went with a classic homage for her piece, titled "The Screaming Potato."

"Growth" by Nigel Summerton was hailed for its simplicity and nice lighting.

Joh Glover's simple shot of a homegrown harvest came in third.

"The Potato in Motion" by David White also received an honorable mention for the way it depicted "constant and chaotic movement invisible to the naked eye" at 1 millisecond intervals.

The Trussel Trust

Not so humble … Potato Photographer of the Year 2021 – in pictures [Sarah Gilbert / The Guardian]