Land your dream job with help from this resume builder, now under $50

Let's be honest, updating or drafting a new resume from scratch can be as daunting as taking out the trash in the rain. The good news is, there's a new software that will spice up your resume in no time. 

The key to crafting a stellar resume isn't just about listing past work experience, but rather how jazzy you can make those jobs sound. You want to stand out (in a good way), and grab the attention of the employer at first glance. Scoring the job is half the battle, but designing a killer resume to get you noticed is a crucial first step. With the hipCV Resume Builder, you can compose a professional and creative resume in minutes. 

Refreshing your current document or starting over will be an effortless process, as you'll have access to pre-written phrases and expertly written sentences for moments you're at a loss for words. Let the program do the thinking with its intuitive editing, and variety of layouts. No need to fret over formatting (Word, we're looking at you) because this program will do it for you. The app offers an impressive collection of templates to choose from that will highlight both your personality and career accomplishments. Whether you're feeling feisty and want to add a modern twist to the look or keep it classy for those future-CEO vibes, hipCV has got your back. 

Stop wondering if your resume was opened, as this app will tell you the location and time it was downloaded or viewed. Advanced technology capabilities set this software apart from others on the market. By sharing your resume to socials or via email, the software will track the number of visits to your link. There's nothing worse than the dreaded "send and wait", and now you can rest easy knowing it was received.   

Access the app on mobile and desktop, where you can easily edit, construct and send your resume. Conveniently export to PDF and send or share wherever you like. Rejuvenating your outdated resume may just be the thing that will make your dream job become a reality. 

Snag the hipCV Resume Builder: 1 Year Subscription for just $49, or $30 off the original price. And if you spend a minimum of $50 in-store, and you'll earn a $10 store credit within 14 days of your purchase (as long as your total exceeds $50 after any returns).