Scientists discover two new dinosaur species in Chinese fossils

From NPR:

Scientists in China discovered two new dinosaur species when analyzing fossils from the country's northwest regions. Their findings, published in a study in Scientific Reports, conclude that two of the specimens were from previously unknown species. 

The dinosaurs are some of the first vertebrates to be reported in the region, "increasing the diversity of the fauna as well as the information on Chinese sauropods," according to the study.

The species — named Silutitan sinensis (after the Mandarin for "Silk Road") and Hamititan xinjiangensis (after the area where they found) — are estimated to have been 70 and 56 feet long, respectively. Both are also believed to have been plant-eating sauropods, similar to the brachiosaurus, and would have lived during the early Cretaceous Period. They're the first vertebrates found in the region.

Scientists Discover Not 1, But 2 New Dinosaur Species In China [Josie Fischels / NPR]

The first dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous Hami Pterosaur Fauna, China [Xiaolin Wang, Kamila L. N. Bandeira, Rui Qiu, Shunxing Jiang, Xin Cheng, Yingxia Ma & Alexander W. A. Kellner / The Journal of Scientific Reports]