Alabama man threatens Walmart with "execution" for giving Covid shots

Christopher Keys, an anti-vaxxer from Alabama, stood in front of a Walmart in Missouri and, speaking to his livestream camera, threatened pharmacists who administered the Covid vaccine with execution (video below).

The misinformed gentleman, who called himself the "vaccine police," said, "We're outside of Walmart about to go in. We're going to put Walmart and the pharmacists on notice to let them know that they're in violation of the Nuremberg Code." He then said (8:30), "…if they give one more vaccine after today, after being put on notice, then they can be hung up, and they can be executed."

He then stormed toward Walmart's pharmacy and gleefully announced to the camera, "They just shut down." The pharmacists understandably wanted nothing to do with the bad actor, so they locked their doors and put a "No Pharmacist on Duty" sign on their door. Keys taunted the staff for about 15 minutes before the police finally arrived. But they were useless. Keys, commanding center stage, just toyed with them while they stood like sad sacks waiting to be punched. "All I wanted to do was get the vaccine," he lied, then threatened that this was a case of "discrimination."

The regular police seem intimidated by the "vaccine police." Although Keys aggressively harassed the pharmacy in the form of a banal stunt, in the end the officers simply turned around and walk away, while Keys said, "There we go. The officers finally stood down." And thus, another Covidiot bully is emboldened — and dangerously emboldens.

Via Insider