Capybaras take over upscale neighborhood in Argentina

In Nordelta, an upscale suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina, capybara's have been finding a new home. Capybara's are giant South American rodent species weighing roughly 120 lbs. and 3 feet in height and hordes of them have decided they would like to share the neighborhood with the people, mostly because there is no place else to live.

via AP:

But resident Gabriel Iglesias said the area's relationship with the capybara had soured from "friendly" to "complicated".

Since 2019, residents have reported incidents related to the expansion of the capybara population, including road accidents and attacks on pets.

Sebastian Di Martino, a conservation director at the Rewilding Argentina Foundation, said the rodents were being driven into urban areas by the degradation of their wetland habitats.

In 2020, fires devasted more than 300,000 hectares of wetlands in the Parana River delta.

Di Martino added there were also fewer predators to keep the capybara population in check.

Many don't sympathize with the human encroachers of natural habitat at all. The capybaras have lived there for millennia and are anything but an invasive species.