Vicious Vancouver coyotes may be high on opioids

Vancouver residents are warned to avoid Stanley Park following three coyote attacks in four days. These attacks follow dozens of other scary encounters with abnormally aggressive coyotes in the park. According to University of Calgary conservationist and coyote expert Shelley Alexander, there's a confluence of factors likely behind the animals' unusual actions. First, it's almost certain that the coyotes have been fed by humans and lost their fear of people. Secondly, she says, "I looked at some of the maps and there's displacement of coyotes from their normal area of living by the homeless encampments.

"These animals have now been pushed into fringe areas where they're more in contact with people and more likely to get into conflict."

And lastly, the coyotes may be high on dope.

"The behaviour of some of these individuals suggest they've ingested toxins or drugs, possibly opioids," Alexander says.

(CTV News)

image: transformation of original photo by Yathin S Krishnappa (CC BY-SA 3.0)