Watch: A wild coyote found in a Los Angeles classroom on first day of school

On the first day at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School in Northridge, CA (suburb of Los Angeles) last Wednesday, 8th grade students were greeted by a wild coyote that had made its way into the classroom. The poor animal looked terrified as it sat on a bookshelf, pressing itself into a corner of the room. Fortunately, it was "safely removed by animal control."

From USA Today:

The Rev. Filiberto Cortez captured footage of the coyote sitting in a corner of the classroom. 

"I've dealt with other kind of animals here like wildlife," Cortez told KABC Los Angeles. "This is the first time in a school setting where a coyote walks in."

Wildlife expert Jennifer Brent told KABC coyotes leave their habitats as droughts in Southern California have resulted in them desperately looking for food and water. She said if people do come in contact with a coyote, it's best to step away.