Check out these FIREFLY action figures that look like 70s Mattel Toys

Back in 2014, toy company Super 7 released a series of "ReAction" action figures inspired by everyone's favorite sci-fi western, Firefly. They basically took the aesthetic of 70s Star Wars toys and applied them to brand new toys, despite all advances in plastic modeling technology. The results are…well, something.

Here's Wash, missing both a harpoon through the chest and any resemblance to Alan Tudyk:

Kaylee, really ready to get into the engine room:

Jayne, looking like the kids cartoon villain that Adam Baldwin was always meant to be:

Zoe looking eerily/impressively like a GI Joe I definitely had:

And of course, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, truly embracing his role as a cheap Han Solo knockoff:

The company makes plenty of other vintage-style ReAction figures too, from Alien to Aliens to Predator to a hilariously domestic Sarah Connor from Terminator and even The Toxic Avenger.