FCC proposes $5m fine for Jacob Wohl and crony over robocall lies

Jacob Wohl, the conservative activist famous for schemes so hare-brained and blatantly fraudulent that he drew more tears of laughter than rage, finally has a consequence to cry about: the FCC has proposed to fine him and co-moron Jack Burkman more than $5m for one of their nastier antics.

The Federal Communications Commission today proposed a $5,134,500 fine against John M. Burkman, Jacob Alexander Wohl, and J.M. Burkman & Associates LLC for apparently making 1,141 unlawful robocalls to wireless phones without prior express consent in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This is the largest TCPA robocall fine ever proposed by the Commission. It is also the first action where the FCC was not required to warn robocallers before robocall violations could be counted toward a proposed fine, per Congress's recent amendment of the TCPA.

The sanction is the largest ever proposed for a robocaller and is the result of rules that were stiffened in 2019, the year before Wohl and Burkman's campaign. They will have an opportunity to respond before the fine is finalized.

Wohl is facing felony charges in other states; beyond his political antics, there is little to be amused by about his disreputable behavior.