Fort Lauderdale Mayor implores Gov. DeSantis to abandon his political agenda and work for public safety

Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis continues to fight common sense in a state ravaged by COVID-19. Fort Lauderdale's Mayor Dean Trantalis attempts an appeal to reason in asking DeSantis to help advance the public good.


"If there's an ultimate political agenda trying to appeal to some sort of outlier group thinking that's going to advance a person politically, I just think they're misjudging what people really want," Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). "And I think that it's ok to step back. It's OK to say 'all right, maybe we should change course.'"

DeSantis, a staunch Republican who is eyeing a 2024 election bid, enacted policies banning masks in schools and downplayed the latest Delta variant-driven surge while newly confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths rose to new pandemic highs in the state.

"No one is going to blame anybody for doing the wrong thing because look, in government, we don't always make the right choices," said Trantalis, a Democrat. "But we do know that if we do make a wrong choice, we need to live by it and we need to accept the wrong choice and try to do the right thing. I'd ask the governor to rethink his agenda and try to work with all of the local communities in trying to keep people safe here."

Good luck.