"It hurts to breathe": Sick Florida anti-vaxxer waits in 2-hour line, hoping for Regeneron

Reporter Brian Entin visited Miami's Tropical Park, not to jog or play ball or paddle a boat, but to check out the long line of sick folks at the park's makeshift Regeneron center. He saw people infected with Covid sitting in their cars — or laying down in the back seat — waiting up to two hours for the monoclonal antibody treatment, Regeneron.

"It hurts to breathe, it hurts to talk," one coughing patient said from the back of her car, speaking to Entin unmasked (video below). "My head feels like it is going to explode. My body is numb. Everything hurts." The woman admitted she wasn't even sure if, after the long queue, she'd be able to receive the therapy that day.

Writing for NewsChannel8, Entin said an entire field was filled with these "very sick" people — mostly unvaccinated — in their cars.

And yet Governor DeSantis just yesterday said implementing a mask mandate is "anti-science," according to WPTV.

Over the weekend, Florida saw its highest death toll from Covid-19 patients since the pandemic began, says the Palm Beach Post. The state recorded 1,486 deaths in one week.