This Bluetooth vinyl player is over $100 off

Whether you're trying to get yourself into the vinyl game or have long been spinning 'em, there's always a lot of people with big opinions about your setup, taste in music, and just about everything in between. But what all these hipsters leave out is that getting into or excelling at the vinyl hobby only takes two things: a great table and records that make you smile. 

Now, of course, we aren't going to tell you what records to buy — that would be just plain bossy. However, we can make some stellar recommendations in terms of the table. Meet the mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player. It combines all the wonderful things you love about listening to vinyl, like decadent sound, with the joys of Bluetooth, like wireless speakers. Plus, this nifty little gadget is on major sale right now. 

This one is sure to impress all your hipster friends. It offers a full-sized, 295-alloy platter for uniform stability & rotation, which allows for high fidelity playback. It also has an adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force, which is imperative for tracking record grooves accurately and without distortion. 

A moving magnet cartridge comes pre-fitted and aligned, so you can get straight to playing. Of course, the Bluetooth transmitter enables you to listen to your records on any Bluetooth-compatible device. You can even play and record vinyl directly to your PC and digitize your collection for enjoyment on the go with your other devices. Who's the cool friend now, huh? 

The mbeat PT-18K Bluetooth Vinyl Player normally costs $363, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $249, which is 31% off. Plus, when you spend $50, you can get $10 in credit so long as any returns don't drop your total below $50.