A Dunkin' employee shows us how he makes ice coffee when tipped vs no tip

Whether or not you get an "A1 drink" at Dunkin' Donuts or one that is lackluster depends on a customer's generosity. At least according to TikToker jasonmora2, who — as a Dunkin' worker — shows us how he makes ice coffee for those who tip — and for those who don't. Although the ingredients are all the same, he leaves out one important step, which changes the flavor. With no tip comes no thorough stir, leaving the "sugar behind." Fortunately, non-tippers can remedy this themselves with a long straw and a good whisk.


Frr if you tip, imma make sure your drink is A1💯 #tip #dunkin #fypシ #xyzbca #MicroRaveWithRoni

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Via Daily Dot