Watch this dizzying montage of Fox hypocrites on Operation FDA Warp Speed Approval

This Daily Show supercut of Fox "reporters" praising Operation Warp Speed and lambasting the FDA's Pfizer approval is like a nauseating see-saw ride set inside a circus tent.

Up: "Operation Warp Speed is great."

Down: "All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the FDA is going to give full approval to the Pfizer vaccine. Do you believe the timing is curious?"

Up: "Warp speed, you break it down. It's one of the president's finest accomplishments."

Down: "Did they not push this FDA approval too fast?"

Up: "Operation Warp Speed, how quickly they got this done … it's incredible."

Like big top clowns, the Faux News hypocrites never fail to put on a ludicrous show that is both terrifying and fascinating if the grotesque is your thing.