Enraged Florida dad arrested at a high school after grabbing a masked student

An anti-mask Florida dad was arrested and charged with child abuse yesterday after grabbing a student at Fort Lauderdale High School and pushing her against a gate (two videos below).

After days of seeing the angry 50-year-old man, Dan Bauman, harassing the school over its mask mandate, the student said, "I've had enough for four days." She then saw that he was recording her and reached for his phone. That's when he attacked her.

From The Washington Post:

Bauman swiftly grabbed her hand, twisted it and pushed her against the gate, police said. Officers pulled him off the student.

Fort Lauderdale police immediately arrested Bauman, who has repeatedly had law enforcement called on him for alleged mask violations, and charged him with child abuse, according to the arrest report.

Bauman, 50, was taken to Broward County Jail. Bond has not been set. A lawyer was not listed in jail records, and it is unclear when he is due in court.

Earlier in the day before his arrest, the misinformed gentleman told WPOR, "It's against the law, it's against the Parents' Bill of Rights … Our belief is it doesn't stop the spread of the virus. It doesn't control it, it does more harm than good."

Meanwhile, Florida's daily Covid death rate was up by 612% this week.

And another video:

Top image: Dan Bauman mugshot