Unvaccinated people are 4.4 times more likely to catch Covid and 15.4 times more likely to die from Covid

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Service ran the numbers and found that unvaccinated people are 15.4x (or 1,540%) more likely to die from Covid than those who received vaccines, and 4.4x (440%) more likely to catch it. WBTV:

This comes as the state hit a pandemic high on Aug. 26 with 912 adults in the ICU with COVID-19. The number of COVID-19 patients on ventilators also reached a record high at 574.

This week's respiratory surveillance report is the first to provide age-adjusted death rate data for COVID-19. Adjusting for age is a way to make fairer comparisons between vaccinated and unvaccinated people because the vaccinated population is older than the unvaccinated population and older people are more likely to die from COVID-19. Data is preliminary and is subject to change as additional cases and deaths are reported.

During the week ending Aug. 21, unvaccinated people were also 4.4 times, or 440 percent, more likely to catch COVID-19 than vaccinated people. The difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated teens was even greater during the week ending Aug. 21, with unvaccinated people aged 12 to 17 being 6.3 times, or 630 percent, more likely to get COVID-19 than vaccinated people in the same age group.

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