Customer urinates on counter at Dairy Queen after being asked to wear mask

In Port Alberni, British Columbia, a man angry at being asked to wear a mask while ordering food whipped out his penis and urinated on the counter as Dairy Queen team members screamed in horror. Graham Hughes, apparently a friend of the customer who filmed the incident, posted the footage to his Facebook page.

Just happened at Dairy Queen in Port Alberni. Dude legit just pulled his dick out and peed on the floor because he was asked to wear a mask…Stay classy, Anti-maskers.

After covering the counter with piss, the man zips up, calls the staff "fucking psychopaths", then departs.

The RCMP say the incident happened around 9 p.m. Saturday.

"This is the first incident of this nature," said RCMP Sgt. Chris Manseau. "I think people should just wear their masks and be safe and be polite."

Police have not made an arrest in the case but are asking anyone with video of the incident to share it with investigators.