Xeric has fashioned an ultra-cool NASA Apollo 15 watch that brings the wonder of space to your wrist

Space. The final frontier. There's a reason that Star Trek tagline has endured for almost 60 years. It's because there is no human pursuit that feeds our desire to know the unknown and expand our idea of what the cosmos and mankind's place in it can be, quite like space exploration.

The NASA moon missions are among the pinnacle achievements in our journey to the stars, one that stylish individualists can commemorate every day on their wrists with this stellar NASA Apollo 15 watch from artisan watch manufacturer, Xeric.

To say the entire timepiece is infused with a geektastic passion for space and those seminal NASA moon missions doesn't really do this beauty its full justice. Designed and produced by Xeric's U.S.-based crew of craftsmen & watchmakers, this limited run watch is full of loving nods to the space agency and that special 1971 Apollo 15 mission featuring the first use of NASA's new lunar rover device.

The premium American-made Horween leather straps were inspired by spacesuit gloves. The crown's wire mesh texture was fashioned to call back to the rover's unique tire treads. The grille is even shaped like the Apollo 15 command module, with crew access hatch shapes marking each hour.

While the circling moons represent hours and minutes for telling the time, the watch face also charts the moon's unique 29.5-day lunar phase cycle as well. Plus, the whole time features glowing Super-LumiNova markings, making the timepiece face glow in the dark.

Keeping with the same DIY can-do spirit of those days at NASA, the automatic movement watch of this watch also features a self-winding mechanism that runs on the energy of your movements, so no battery is ever needed.

Xeric watches are only made in limited runs, with only up to 1,971 available in each movement and color variety of this NASA Apollo 15 watch. Shoppers interested in sporting this ultra-unique piece of history and inspired design can head over to the Xeric Kickstarter page and select their favorite model, now at 36 percent off the watch's regular retail price.