Man attacks TV reporter in Gulfport, then goes on the run

Reporting from Gulfport, Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurrican Ida, MSNBC's Shaquille Brewster had to cut a segment short when a man heckled and assaulted him on-camera. The footage shows the man, later named as Benjamin Dagley, pulling up in his truck and wading into view while ranting incoherently. Brewster attempts to save the segment by having the camera operator film him against the sea instead, but this only leads to an increase in the volume of the ranting. Dagley eventually lunges at Brewster and pushes him.

Brewster was unharmed. Dagley is reportedly "on the run" having been charged with two counts of common assault. He was quickly identified, say Gulfport Police, perhaps because of some prior infamy: he once reportedly drilled holes in tanks of hazardous material stored at his own business, sending an employee to hospital and earning a charge of misdemeanor assault.

Dagley is also charged with disturbing the peace and with violating the emergency curfew.