Millennium Partners seeks to build a Los Angeles skyscraper on a faultline, also San Francisco tower worsening "in a dramatic fashion"

At the end of an LA Times report on the San Francisco skyscraper that continues to more drastically lean, I learned that Millennium Partners, the folks responsible for building said leaning tower, have found a new seismically questionable site for their next big project.

LA Times:

Millennium Partners is attempting to build another skyscraper project in Hollywood, a project that has come under criticism after state geology officials have said there are studies that "strongly support the presence of an active … fault strand entering" the skyscraper site.

Millennium Partners and Los Angeles City Hall have previously rejected the state's concerns and insisted that the skyscrapers were safe to build. More seismic studies have been ordered for the Hollywood Center site.

Opponents of the developer's Hollywood Center project said the ongoing problems with Millennium Tower in San Francisco should be a warning sign to Los Angeles to not allow Millennium's Hollywood project to proceed.

"The ongoing disaster in San Francisco is more evidence that developer Millennium Partners cannot and should not be trusted," said Robert P. Silverstein, a Pasadena lawyer who represents neighborhood groups opposed to the development.

At first, this LA project sounds even worse than their first disaster but news this morning is the repair work that accelerated the building's apparently inevitable rapid descent has actually further undermined the stately living quarters.

What are these jokers from New York doing in California?