Graphing calculators are "sexy" now

Texas Instruments' obsolete and overpriced TI-84 (previously) is the beneficiary of an intensely-lobbied academic monopoly, but sales have dropped in recent years. Last month, Texas Instruments released a new version, the TI-84 Plus CE: Python Edition. With a sleek, smooth design and a range of colors, it's not the same calculator you knew in high school. One professional review calls it a "sexy beast"

TI's new calculator includes a whopping 3MB of flash ROM for storing data and apps, along with 154KB of free RAM. Its battery is also rechargeable now, and can be connected to your computer via a USB-C cable. The display is also backlit with 140 DPI and 16-bit color depth, which eels particularly flashy for a calculator. 

The TI-84 Python edition comes preloaded with a number of test scripts to fiddle around with, along with an editor and some suggestions on how to integrate the language into math and science projects. Texas Instruments also notes that students can write code and run experiments using TI-Innovator Hub and TI LaunchPad Board programming tools. 

From Input Magazine