Listen to these pink oyster mushrooms sing

Tune into Five Minutes of Pink Oyster Mushroom Playing Modular Synthesizer to hear a mushroom sing some groovy tunes. In MycoLyco's video, a flush of pink oyster mushrooms are hooked up to a eurorack modular synthesizer. Through biodata sonification technology, a small current is passed through the mushrooms to measure electrical resistance. The changes in resistance affect what you hear coming out of the synthesizer. If these mushrooms had a live synth concert, I'd get front row seats. 

Through the magic or rather science of bio data sonification, this flush of oyster mushrooms get a shot at playing a eurorack modular synthesizer before they become my dinner. Electrical resistance is measure by passing a small current through the mushrooms similar to a lie detector test. The changes in resistance are then converted into control signals which determine the rhythm, pitch, timbre and effects parameters of the modular synthesizer. Longer pink oyster mushroom videos coming later this week, and the audio will be in stereo! Make sure to like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. Especially if you read this far!! Thanks for all the support you all rock.

Album out on bandcamp