Report: British ISP provides real-time user data to copyright lawyers

Torrentfreak reports that British internet service provider Sky — also a TV company that holds the lucrative license to broadcast Premiere League matches — is "monitoring the IP addresses of servers suspected of streaming pirated content to subscribers and supplying that data to an anti-piracy company working with the Premier League."

It appears that instead of monitoring customer IP addresses, Sky is compiling data on which IP addresses subscribers are pulling most data from during (and potentially before) match or event times. Sky then uploads the highest-trafficked IP addresses along with the port the traffic is streamed on to the S3 bucket mentioned above, every five minutes. It is then accessed by the anti-piracy company which, every five minutes, extracts the IP, bandwidth rate, and the port number that bandwidth is on.

The UK's system of legal injunctions and heavy-handed enforcement is well-established, but an ISP actively sharing real-time customer data with lawyers hoping to sue them is a surprise.

The tl;dr? Get internet from a broadcaster, become the broadcast.