Federal charges for woman who punched flight attendant

Vyvianna Quinonez, filmed punching a flight attendant who asked her to stow her tray table, now faces federal assault charges of assault and interfering with a flight. Both are felonies.

The altercation began verbally with Quinonez refusing to comply with instructions to fasten her seat belt and stow her tray table, then escalated into Quinonez pushing and finally punching the flight attendant, according to the charging document, which refers to the attendant as "S.L."

"Quinonez began filming S.L. on her cellphone," the court filing reads. "S.L. again approached Quinonez, and Quinonez pushed S.L. S.L. said, 'You do not push a flight attendant,' or words to that effect. "Around that time, another passenger on the airplane began filming the interaction on her cellphone. Quinonez stood up and knowingly assaulted S.L. by intentionally punching S.L. in the face and head with a closed fist and grabbing S.L.'s hair."

Another passenger got the viral footage, but the stuff on her own phone will cover more time and make the facts less open to dispute. Quinonez filmed herself knocking a flight attendant's teeth out! There's the Jan 6 effect again: people filming themselves committing crimes in the belief that they recording someone else's misbehavior or otherwise giving themselves an advantage. All at the dead center in the venn diagram of entitlement, rage and delusion.