FTC reputedly investigating McDonald's always-broken ice cream machines

Apparently, some folks assume that McDonald's is somehow acting nefariously, rather than telling the truth when they claim their ice cream machines are overly complicated and prone to failure.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the FTC is on the job, protecting us from McDonald's greedily not selling ice cream when people want to pay money for it.


"I'm beginning to wonder if this McDonald's even has an ice cream machine," an Atlanta customer tweeted about her local outlet. "It's been 'broken' so long that I'm coming up with conspiracy theories."

Enter the United States Federal Trade Commission. The FTC reached out to McDonald's franchisees this summer seeking information on what, exactly, is going on with the broken ice cream machine problem, according to a letter it sent, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, and people familiar with the matter. The FTC declined to comment.

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