Give any outlet a little flair with 20 percent off this multi-functional gizmo

From your iPhone to your iPad to your wireless buds, you can't ever have enough outlets at home, especially if they're already packed with other gadgets and appliances. And while you could opt for a powerstrip or something of that nature, those just turn your room into an eyesore.

If you've got gadgets to charge and no time to waste, cut yourself a break and opt for this GlamSocket decorative multi-outlet. Not only does it provide power with multiple plugs for all your gizmos and gadgets, but it adds a little style to any room you put it in thanks to its many stylish faces to choose from. Whether you choose the sleek marble design or colorful geometric shapes, these surge protectors can really jazz up a space.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, the GlamSocket can save you a lot of hassle thanks to its multiple outlets and ports, perfect for all of your go-to devices. Not only does it feature three traditional AC outlets (which you can never have too many of), but it also has two USB ports, perfect for charging your smartphone, tablet, wireless buds, and beyond. It even has a little phone holder on top, perfect for cradling your phone as it charges — you can even watch videos on it while it juices up!

Unlike many other surge protectors you may find on the market today, the GlamSocket ensures that both you and your devices stay safe while in use. In fact, it boasts a 900 Joules rating, meaning it absorbs any excess power, preventing plugged-in devices from scary electrical surges, bursts, and overloads. It's also been proven safe by the ETL review board, so you can rest assured it won't give you any problems. It's no wonder it earned a 4.5 out of 5-star Amazon rating with nearly 150 reviews.

Make charging your devices simpler (and snazzier) with the GlamSocket Decorative Multi-Outlet & Dual USB Port Surge Protector + Phone Holder, now 20% off at just $27.99.