Big John Studd's performance is still the best thing about 'Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man'

It is unsurprising that a movie where all the good guys are named after popular brands did not hold up very well, however, the bit where Big John Studd's Jack Daniels powerslides his motorcycle while opening its fuel tank and lighting the trail of gasoline on fire as he slides away, blowing up a gang of assassins car, effecting a rescue of his friends, Jose Cuervo, and the titular Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (at about 1:50 below.)

Also Big John Studd beating up Mickey Rourke is more fun now than it was then.

Marlboro man also gets it on with Virginia Slim, because I think Joe Camel was too progressive for 1991.

When I saw this film in 1991, I remember it being a dark vision of the future. Now it seems fairly accurate, minus the banker/drug overlord shit and I dream of days when freeway traffic was so light!

Rourke and Johnson are both comically horrible, and unredeemable. Clearly, branding can not carry a movie.