Minus is a finite social network with a limit of 100 posts—for life

Minus was created by Ben Grosser, and each user can only make 100 posts. Once you've made your 100 posts, there is no going back—that's it. On Minus, there are no likes, follows, or noisy notifications. The only visible metric on the site is a count down, showing how many posts each user has left.

After watching this video about the new platform, I feel intrigued and can't wait to make an account for myself. Before I make my account, I want to take some time to consider what kind of things I might include in my limit of 100 posts. Unlike other popular sites such as Facebook or Instagram, Minus leaves me wanting to make each post count. Minus is a functional platform, an artwork, and a piece in Grosser's show Software for Less at arebyte Gallery in London.

see/try: https://minus.social

details: https://bengrosser.com/projects/minus/