Learn a new skill for just $15 in this Labor Day sale

Need a new hobby? There's never been a better time to sit on your tush and learn a new skill than right now, especially now that we're going back into hibernation mode thanks to people making wrong choices. And, with this awesome deal, you can be up to snuff on just about any technological topic for $15 as part of the Labor Day sale running for a limited time right now. Happy learning!

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle – $15; originally $479

Need a crash course on crypto? No sweat, this bundle teaches you how to make your money into internet gold. You'll also discover the fundamentals of Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrency. There's even a course on how to earn crypto for free using Steemit. 

The All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle – $15; originally $618

Learning a language as an adult is difficult, and having to do so in a classroom setting doesn't make it any easier. This bundle helps your learn ASL in a confident and comfortable way. You'll discover how to communicate emotions and personality, identify animals, create action verb sentences, and more. 

The Unreal And Unity Game Development for Beginners Bundle – $15; originally $1,200

Calling all gamer guys and gals, if you need a new hobby, it's time to start creating your own sick games. No worries if you've never done it before, this bundle will give you the lowdown, including lessons game development using Unity and Unreal. Want to sharpen your coding skills further? The bundle contains courses on C#, which can be used in games and traditional coding.  

The 2021 Google Software Engineering Manager Prep Bundle – $15; originally $2,388

Google hires the best engineers in the world, so if you want to be the best, you have to learn to code link them. In this bundle, you'll learn new ways to create your own software for companies or personal use. Who knows, maybe it will lead you to a new career path (or just a killer new hobby).

The 2021 Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Prep Bundle – $15; originally $1,400

Amazon dominates the market when it comes to cloud computing services. The company's cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), finds its way into nearly every company's IT department, so getting an AWS certification will bring your skillset up to speed with the rest of the market. This bundle offers all the knowledge you need to get there.

The All-Access CompTIA A+ & Network Certification Prep Bundle – $15; originally $2,400

When it comes to earning IT certifications, CompTIA is one of the most popular providers on the market. CompTIA certs are vendor-neutral, meaning certified technicians can apply their skills in nearly every environment. This bundle will give you a handle on CompTIA's A+ and Network+ exams, which are ideal for beginners looking to break into the field. 

The 2021 All Access Project Management Professional Certification Bundle – $15; originally $2,400

2021's idea of project management looks much different than what our parents are used to, and that's okay. The digital age has turned everything into lightning speed, and if you don't have all of the tools to lead, you'll be left behind. Be an expert project manager in no time with this bundle.

The 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Bundle – $15; originally $3,000

Data rules everything around us, whether we like it or not. Sounds scary, but with every company looking to make sense of this raw information, you can jump on the train and learn the skills that these businesses are paying big bucks for. This 15-course bundle covers all the essential skills and tools a data analyst needs to know in 2021, including Python, R, MATLAB, and more. 

The 2021 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Certification Bundle – $15; originally $2,400

Whether you're a self-made starter or a part of a larger company, chances are you'll need some Excel chops to get you going. This isn't just some simple spreadsheet. In the right hands, Excel can actually perform complicated data analysis, and these lessons will show you how. By the end of this bundle, your Excel skills will be the envy of the office. 

The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle – $15; originally $2,000

Into coding? Well, maybe not yet, but this Python programming certification bundle will allow you to navigate through all of the tools needed to become a sick programmer. And with Python's wide range of applications, ranging from machine learning to game development, mastering this language will make you as versatile as an engineer can come in 2021. Here, you'll discover how Python can be used to visualize data, write software, and even perform automatic stock trading!

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