Photos of 80s noise band Hanatarash driving a bulldozer through a venue

This slide show of the legendary Hanatarash bulldozer gig shows incredible photos of the Japanese noise band's 1985 performance where they drove a bulldozer through the back wall of a venue and onto the stage. Hanatarash was formed by the later frontman of the Boredoms, Yamantaka Eye

In their music, Hanatarash used innovative noise-making techniques such as power tools, drills, and heavy machinery. Hanatarash was known as Japan's most dangerous band, and people had to sign waivers before attending their shows. Some of their most infamous acts on stage include cutting a dead cat in half with a machete, Eye strapping a circular saw to his back and almost cutting his own leg off, and preparing to throw a lit molotov cocktail at the stage, before he was stopped and the show got shut down. People never really knew what kinds of wild things they would witness at a Hanatarash show, but that surely was part of the excitement.