Use this site to make funny Twitter bots, ready in minutes!

The site is called Cheap Bots Done Quick, but it's free to use. It's also astonishingly easy and requires little technical knowledge. Bots on Twitter may not be the height of humor nor the pinnacle of technology, but they often delight me.

Some examples of bots made with this site:

  • @autoflaneur (source): Every hour, this bot tells you where to go. Some directions are more conventional than others (one is "Consider your safety. Do you feel safe? If not, go back.")
  • @thinkpiecebot: This bot pitched fictional thinkpieces like "Have groceries gone out of style?"
  • @softlandscapes (source): exactly what it sounds like: soft landscapes
  • @infinitedeserts: posting art of deserts made with unicode characters
  • @What_Hastings: Fictional news updates about a place called Hastings
  • @petitsmotifs: unicode art
  • @bot_teleport (source): descripes intriguing fictional places where you could be trapped. "You're in a wet amphitheater. On the ceiling are occult symbols. What is this place?"