Are you in need of a new companion? Look no further than the Creepy Dolls Adoption Agency

Watch this video to learn about the Creepy Doll Adoption Agency. You can make a difference today and give a haunted or unsettling doll a brand new home. Many people out there find themselves unable to live with their possessed dolls and give them away to Sara and Brian, founders of "Unsettling Toy Removal and Rehoming". Sara and Brian have been "rehoming" these dolls for the past two years, and make it easy through their website: You can search through the unique dolls that are up for adoption, and also look through past adoptions on their site. Although I want to adopt an unsettling doll, I'm not so sure about a haunted one. I guess I'll just have to take my chances.

From Youtube:

"He's a bartender and she's a school psychologist, but, on the side, they help haunted or otherwise creepy toys find new homes. In this installment of SIDE HUSTLES, Sara and Brian take us behind the scenes of their business removing and rehoming creepy toys that are "with spirit" or just unsettling. Portland couple Sara and Brian try to keep up with what started on a lark but is quickly becoming a growing community of people and strange dolls."