Snapchat's new AR feature wants to be like Shazam but for the visual world

Picture this: a stranger has cool shoes and you want the same ones. You ask where they're from, and he says he doesn't know because they were a gift. Enter Scan feature, a new Snapchat tool that will identify the items in your photo and generate recommendations.

"The next generation of a feature called Scan can identify similar clothes, dog breeds, plants, cars, and more

Visual search isn't a new idea. In 2017, Google debuted Lens, allowing users to scan items through their phone camera and identify them using its vast index of search results. Lens is integrated in the Google Pixel phones and a number of other Android handsets, as well as baked into the main Google mobile app. Pinterest also has its own visual search feature called Lens that shows similar images based on what you scan in the app.

After testing the new Scan for the past couple of weeks, I found it to be hit or miss. There were many instances where Scan incorrectly identified things or didn't work at all, like when it failed to recognize that there were clothes I was trying to get results for, and also times when it worked perfectly. Sometimes the suggested Lenses were relevant, and other times they were clearly not contextually recommended at all."

From The Verge