Check out these sexy anthropomorphic airplanes, courtesy of r/Aeromorph

Thanks to MEL Magazine, I've just learned about r/Aeromorph, the subreddit where people share their favorite images of sexy, big-titted airplanes. The autocorrect on my computer tried to change that to "big-tinted" and while some of these planes certainly feature tinted windows as a practical design choice to help reduce the sun's glare, there are many, many, many more with them tig ol' bitties.

As Magdalene Taylor explains for MEL:

The r/Aeromorph subreddit bluntly describes itself as "a (mostly NSFW) subreddit for anthropomorphic planes, jets, whatever. Anthro cars, boats, guns, etc. are also all accepted here." Created in 2012, it currently has just over 4,200 members. According to SubredditStats, the number of aeromorph fans has increased dramatically in recent years — in August 2018, the group only had 900 members.

While the subreddit is indeed mostly NSFW, much of the content is more erotic or implied rather than outwardly pornographic. You might see an airplane with a heaving set of titanium breasts or a sleek jet naughtily looking over her shoulder "showing her exhaust at you," which is indeed probably not something you'd want your coworkers to witness you looking at during work hours.

Taylor also interviews several horny Aeromorph artists about their flying thirst traps, who say things like, "The possibility of stuff like absurdly oversized dicks, belly bulging, extreme cum-inflation, sizeplay, etc. just feels a little more 'realistic' as opposed to furry stuff." Which, I mean, sure.

'Aeromorphs' are the big un-naturals of the sky [Magdalene Taylor / MEL Magazine]

Image via Reddit